Quick Update!


Hi and welcome to all the new readers!! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week, but it’s been absolutely insane here! I’m flying out from London in less than two days and it’s been so hectic trying to cram in everything, with friends visiting / soccer matches / last-minute sightseeing etc.


Man U v. Wigan!


can’t leave Britain without having tried afternoon tea!!!

Been fitting in runs any spare minute I’ve been able to grab - running the long way to the train station to pick up my friend instead of taking the subway, running to slightly farther away grocery stores to get food. Just a little bit crazy…thought I had all the time in the world in London and suddenly I’m going home and back to Yale in a little over a week?!

Things I’ll get around to blog-wise:

  • New running post later today!
  • Figuring out how to enable email subscriptions
  • Figuring out how to enable comments (thanks to everyone who’s been messaging me “I can’t figure out how to comment but…”) 

And overall, hoping to run for every charity Charity Miles currently supports (and blog about it!) by my half-marathon on Saturday, September 14th!